Full Treatment- 200 per song with 2 revisions

Send us your Pro Tools session with included audio files folder or individual tracked out stems and have our engineers take your recordings to the next level. Allow us to take the necessary time using our state of the art gear and trained ears to transform your song to stand up with songs on the radio.

Cleanup(Edit & Balance)- 100 per song with 1 revision

Working on a budget? Record yourself at home or make beats but want studio quality? Send in your Pro Tools session or stems and let us balance out your song or beat.

Sit in the mix for only $50 an hour!!
*Mixing is included in all our studio time deals!

Have a session with our industry engineers and producers to be a part of creating the “vibe” of your song.

*100% required to book a mix
*24-48 hour turn around time
*50% required at time of booking sessions
*100% required for 8 hr sessions
*2 hour minimum for hourly sessions
*Balance must be paid before start of Recording or Mixing session
*No refunds
*30 minute early arrival permitted
*Last 30 minutes of session for mix, bounce & data uploads

Call or message us for more information! Time slots are limited, book your session today!


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