50/hr (2 hour minimum)- with industry engineer (Includes Mixing)
Creating the art from start to finish. Purchase beats with studio time or have a production session with our engineers and producers to make music from the first sound.
Mixing is for more than just clarity and balance. Let us help you give your song the "vibe" you intend for the listener. Send us your song to have it mixed for one flat rate or sit in the mix with our engineers and producers by the hour.
Use our facilities to record good clean audio.
Have an idea for a song but need the perfect phrases to go with the beat? Need help with hooks or verses? Call us to get info on our writing services.
Learn control, pitch, how to create melodies and harmonies.
Learn to transcend the lines of being a song writer, producer, vocalist and recording artist.
Get help with articulation, projection, audience engagement and more!
Learn from our experience in the business and let us help you plan strategies for a successful career.



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