•$50/hr (2 hour minimum)- with industry engineer (Includes Mixing)
•150- 5 hrs- Mon-Thurs
•Super Producer Special-200- 5 hrs Fri-Sun
•225- 8 hrs- Mon-Fri, 9-5
•300- 8 hrs- Sat-Sun

Services include: artist development, vocal coaching, public speaking, music theory, music business, writing/ poetry, editing, arrangement, production, voice overs, recording, & mixing.

*50% required at time of booking
*100% required for 8 hr sessions
*2 hour minimum for hourly sessions
*Balance must be paid before start of session
*No refunds
*30 minute early arrival permitted for setup
*Last 30 minutes of session for mix, bounce & data uploads

Call or message us for more information! Time slots are limited, book your session today!


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